Monday, March 16, 2015

Things I learned at Authors In The City 2015
  1. When S Moose says 2am it really means 4am.
  2. Ryan will fall asleep and suck his thumb but as soon as you try to take a picture he will wake up.
  3. Doing karaoke is okay unless you sound like a dying cat singing Miley Cyrus.
  4. Ahren still loves when I sing Anaconda to her.
  5. My drunken arm trick is a hit.
  6. Rachael Duncan is not above waking you up at 6:30am after you were out late the night before.
  7. Lori and I apparently can’t spell our names when we sign them.
  8. JM Walker is an amazing table buddy and I loved beating her to the punch every time.
  9. I may hulk out at times.
  10. Harper Sloan is still amazing and will now be following eggplant Friday every week.
  11. Judy is very stingy with her stars.
  12. Rachael and I would have been 80’s queens.
  13. Stephanie has more rhythm then I knew.
  14. S Moose and I are Golden Czermak’s new talent scouts.
  15. S Moose also likes to abuse me on a daily basis.
  16. LL Collins needs to live closer to me because I missed her so much.
  17. Ryan and Tiffany would have some hot times if they followed the narration that S Moose and I gave them.
  18. Laying in Golden’s bed reading dirty scenes and spooning with S Moose was amazing.
  19. When you ask Judy and Rachael to clear off your bed you may want to check they did it before you face plant straight into your brush and miscellaneous other stuff.
  20. S Moose, Magan, and I come up with brilliant ideas.
  21. On a car ride with S Moose and Ryan no subject is off limits and you should always make sure a bathroom is close by.
  22. Team voxing Bayli Lane with S Moose is a riot!
  23. Kellie Montgomery will not tolerate you infringing on her walking dead time.
  24. Magan will be handcuffed to me in Cleveland because I barely saw her.
  25. Spending an entire weekend with amazing authors and readers makes me so happy.

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