Sunday, November 9, 2014

Things I learned at Rebels and Readers Author Event

  • I should have a video camera on my dashboard in my car. The way I rock out to my music entertained many of my fellow motorists that were passing me.
  • The fact that the front facing camera now has a timer makes road trips more fun.

  • Tollbooth workers are more receptive to Nsync and Backstreet Boys then they are to Eminem.
  • If you forget your liquor you’re screwed because there isn’t a liquor store anywhere around.
  • Rebecca Brooke and I were like long lost sisters, we have so much in common!

  • Apparently Magan Vernon gives horrible directions to mexican restaurants but Siri can get you there, after passing Terminus.
  • Siri however cannot help you find a liqour store in Huntington.
  • Ashley Suzanne totally wants to build a snowman with me.
  • If you yell Happy Birthday to someone in the lobby at 9:45pm the lady behind the desk might cut you.
  • After the consumption of margaritas Rebecca Brooke and I convince ourselves our room does not have curtains that close.
  • I had the best people next to and behind me in the seating chart, Ashley Suzanne and Brooke Cumberland. However if I want to take a selfie with Brooke it has to be from high up.
  • Also being able to look in front of me and see Julie Bailes and her peen pops made me happy.
  • My view for the day was exceptional.

  • Magan Vernon is amazeballs!
  • Ashley Suzanne does a mean wobble.
  • Nacole Stayton is just as cute and adorable even when she is giving you the finger.
  • Ahren Sanders gets better every time I see her!
  • Tonya and Amy did an absolutely amazing job!
  • I love this community and everyone in it!

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  1. Excellent share on the book, Chapter+Your Own opinionated stuff, Great!!!